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PoNewEdit 1.0.1 and UpdatePoFile 1.0.1

.po file editors

08/17/2009 Version

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They are a program of free distribution and open source (*). See the page, from: Logo







PoNewEdit, directly, click here: File icon 2,786Kb

UpdatePoFile, directly, click here: File icon 2,843Kb


For multilingual programs that use gettext, they are an alternative editors to Poedit. PoNewEdit is for translators and UpdatePoFile for programmers.

Contrary to Poedit, the reference editor:


PoNewEdit image

is only for the translators:

To make easy the translation with automatic translators and revision of the translation carried out with external editors, this program allows the copy all or some of the messages to translate to the clipboard, and the inverse process of paste the carried out translations.

To check the equality in the number of the parameters to replace in the messages (for example, in pascal: %d and %s).

To copy with conditions of original message as translated from the same file or import of the translated message from another po file.

To sort, transitory , according to the content of one or several fields.

To mark, transitory , the records (for example, as a result of the search of a string).


UpdatePoFile image

is only for the programmers, adds to PoNewEdit:

To display information on the references to the source files of a po file.

Selective deletion of record that make reference to code files that are not used in a certain project.

Usually for big projects: obtaining of po file resulting of the sum of po files from several libraries or directories (and with the specific po of the project).

It has two panels in those that you can load different po files, then it can be carried out this way:

A. To search the same source message in the other file.

B. Comparisons: It determines that records exist in the po file that are not in the other one (and this way to be able to delete the records that are no longer used).

C. Upgrades: it adds the records that don't exist, upgrades the references to the code, sorts the records of the old version according to the new one.


Both programs

Ready for people that require screen reader (blind or with deep visual deficit).

They are ready for right-to-left writing systems (look the image).

Two sizes for command images:


(*) The programs are free software, you can redistribute them and/or modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. You can download the source, in Object Pascal (Delphi): File icon 1,824Kb.